SOLD! T.Rex Skeleton 'Stan' Sold for World Record Price

One of the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossils ever unearthed was being auctioned off today by Christie’s since being on display in the windows of Christie’s Rockefeller Center. Experts were expecting the T. rex skeleton to go for between $6-8 million.

Holy T. Rex - Stan the Man's "Rex Appeal" really brought in the money! The winning bid was $27.5 million and then you add on commissions and additional costs and there you go - $31.8 m out the door!

Check out Stan's "winning" dating profile.

Name:  Stan.

Age: 67 million-year-old

Hometown: Hell Creek

"Can You Handle This Rex Appeal?"

In my younger days, I was fitness minded (checkout my shower selfie), a top predator and hated by most in my region. Then one day, as I was kicking ass and taking names, a pesky asteroid blew into town and the rest is history. Since then, I've been perfectly preserved until found by Stan Sacrison in the Hell Creek Formation .... he also named me.  

Likes: Cretaceous Bandlands sunsets. Apatosaurus tare tare.

Dislikes: Asteroids / Meteors.  Triceratops. Push-ups.

Perhaps I look familiar to you? Do the windows of Christie's Rockefeller Center ring a bell? That is where I have been on display prior to my auction. If you're catching feelings while checking out my 13-foot-tall, 40-foot-long, engaging huge smile and 188 bone self, then send me a DM. If you're not an artifact thief, then let's rub snouts and see what happens. I may have short arms, but I will always pick up the check. That's what a T-Rex worth 33 million does. Call me!!




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