Picasso Prints Up for Auction to Benefit an Orange County Food Bank

Prints of Pablo Picasso's work will be sold at auction and proceeds will benefit an Orange County food bank.

Harald Herrmann is the CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank and plans to auction off his personal Picasso print collection to feed the hungry.

Herrmann says he built his collection overtime and always had plans to sell them as part of his retirement plan, but after seeing the growing need the pandemic caused, he decided to donate portions of the proceeds to the food bank.

He says back in February the food bank served over two-million pounds of food to almost 250,000 OC residents, but in August the number exploded to almost six-million pounds to almost double the amount of people.

"Unprecedented is a word I know that many use just given where we are, but that is truly unprecedented. That has never happened. It is a first for us in 38 years. We've never seen demand like we see today as a food bank."

Herrmann will use Christie's Auction House in New York to facilitate the sales and will then donate 10% gross proceeds back to the food bank, potentially raising as much as $100,000 for the cause.

To view the Picasso prints, go HERE.

But be quick! The bidding ends Friday (September 18th).

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