How a 'Get Off My Lawn!' Moment Turned Into Something Sweet

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Maybe you've seen this video, it made the rounds about a month ago, and has more than 12 million views as of right now, but it was something I meant to blog about because I thought it was just too sweet, especially right now.

Have you noticed that a lot of people are angry lately? Quick to snap and yell at other people for the smallest reasons? I have seen it play out in front of me so many times over the last two months. People are at a breaking point.

So a daily alert from your security camera that someone is messing around on your property might make you lean out the door and yell, 'Hey! Get off my lawn!'

Well Dave Palazzolo of Salt Lake City, Utah got one of those security cameras a few months back, and every day, around the same time he'd get a motion alert that someone was on his property, specifically, on his driveway. Initally, he said the alert would give him a little anxiety because those cameras are meant to let you know someone might be messing around with your stuff, but when he looked to see what was happening at the same time each day, he saw that it was just a little boy on his bike, who would ride up his driveway while his parents walked the dogs.

For days he'd get the same alert and he'd see the video thinking, 'Oh, it's just that kid....AGAIN.'

But then, his wife gave him an idea. So one night, he went out into the driveway and drew, in sidewalk chalk, a simple racetrack across his driveway.

When the little boy happened upon it the next day, you can almost feel his delight in the video, as he followed the path laid out for him.

Then the next day, a new track. Then another, and another. Every night, Dave would go out and draw out a new track, so that the little boy had a new challenge, and the little boy, who eventually we find out is a 4-year-old boy named Quinn who lives nearby, is delighted each and every day.

Dave never met Quinn or his parents before, but this small act of kindness brought them together and now they're friends. Quinn's father, Josh says it's nice to know that there are people out there willing to take that extra step and do something nice for someone else and he appreciates how Dave took some time out of his day to do something fun for his son.

In this day and age, we all need that little dose of kindness.

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