'Ugly Photo List' Scam!

Oh good, something else to worry about. 'Ugly Photo List' scam on social media.


Beware of messages in your direct message (your DM's) claiming to be from one of your friends saying that a picture you posted got you on the "Ugly Photo List'.

If you click this link, it will take you to a series of photos for you to review, but this is the scam.


The click bait scam works by having you click on the link to access the photos that you think came from a concerned friend. What is actually happening is the scammer is stealing your login credentials from a third-party site. Once the scammer has your password, they use your personal account to send out more fake messages.

According to Nerdchalk here are some examples of messages being used:

  • They're using your photos illegally
  • Look, they are right at the top!’
  • ‘did you see what they did with your pictures Instagram!’
  • ‘ugly photos Instagram 23.9 million followers’
  • ‘Yo, you are in this Ugly gallery man’
  • ‘Hey, your photo was included in the Top 1000 Ugly Photos!’

If you did click on the scammers link and think your account has been compromised, change your password immediately and check your DM's to see if any of these messages were sent.

You can hover over a link to see its real destination and if it looks legitimate.

Report scam to Instagram


Nerdchalk has some great advice for avoiding these hacks.

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