Trump Once More Blames California for Its Fires


OS ANGELES (CNS) - President Donald Trump reiterated today that California is responsible for its raging fires.

He said in the course of a wide-ranging 47-minute telephone interview on Fox & Friends that there are forests throughout the world, some abutting cities, with even more “explosive'' trees than California's dead trees, “but no fires.'' The president has said in the past that California should do a better job sweeping leaves off forest floors as a fire-prevention strategy.

He then broached The Green New Deal, which is a “farce,'' he said, describing its proposed policies to combat climate change as excessively radical. He also charged that India, China and Russia are contributing substantially to air pollution, while in the United States “We have clean air.''

Trump briefly touched on the recent shooting of two sheriff's deputies in Compton and again blamed Democrats in municipal leadership positions for protests and street violence, asserting their “policies are horrible.''

He claimed that officers who criticize city leaders “lose their jobs'' and that around the nation, he's the one police are endorsing for president.

Photo: Getty Images

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