#TastyTuesday - Spicy nuggets and Mountain Dew cocktails

Stop the presses, this is huge news! Well, at least it's huge news to us. Tomorrow McDonald's is expected to release their spicy chicken McNuggets on the world.

Our bodies are ready. We're going to get some and let you know what we think about them on the air. While we're pretty excited about the nuggets, we have absolutely no interest in the Mountain Dew margaritas being whipped up for Red Lobster.

The "Dew Garitas" (Gross!) will roll out at select locations this month, and will be available nationwide by the end of the year. Who else can't wait to mask up, sit in a parking lot, and sip on Dew Garitas?

(*Says "YUM!" sarcastically*)

Our soda of choice for mixing alcohol with is actually Cactus Cooler. Gary's supposed to bring some Cactus Cooler in next week and make a concoction for us. Thanks Gary! We discussed all this and more today with Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra.

If you are a Mountain Dew fan, then Neil's got an idea you make like. Listen below!

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