Suspect Leaves Winning Lottery Ticket Behind After Fleeing From Police

A suspect trying to get away from police in Cherokee County, Georgia left a lottery ticket in their car after running away on foot... and it just so happened to be a winning ticket!

The suspect ran from officers on Monday morning after they had pulled him over for a traffic stop on I-75, Cherokee County Sheriff's spokesman Capt. Jay Baker said.

The Sheriff's office even posted a picture of the winning lotto ticket on Facebook with the caption, "You left behind a winning $100 lottery ticket in your vehicle."

"Congratulations by the way," the sheriff added.

Even though the officers suggested the suspect simply come in to the Sheriff's office to collect their winning ticket, they thankfully didn't have to wait for that to happen. According to Baker, the suspect was later found -- and it wasn't far from where he was initially pulled over. He is now in custody.

“Yes, he will get his lottery ticket back, but we are keeping his methamphetamine,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Read the full report on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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