Here's How Mail-In Voting Will Work in All 50 States

Californians Vote In Special Election On Budget Ballot Measures

November 3rd, 2020, history will be made as voters head to the polls to cast their ballots in another presidential election. However, this year, as COVID-19 continues to spread, experts say this could be the first time in which more than half of all voters will cast their ballots before polls open on Election Day. While voters in some states, such as Oregon, have already been voting by mail for several years now, other states are passing laws to make voting easier amid on-going pandemic.

In California, all registered voters will receive a ballot by mail for the first time, however, in-person voting locations will still be available. Voters in California can also vote early at select polling centers beginning Monday, October 5th, through November 2nd (dates and hours will vary by location). You can find early voting and vote-by-mail ballot drop off locations on the Secretary of State's Early Voting website here.

Check out the interactive guide below that will show how each state will handle the general election and everything you need to know about early voting and mail-in ballots in your area.

(This guide will update as new laws and decisions are made).

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