Dr Ferrer: Schools Won't Open Until After Election

Just as we all suspected....

We think it's safe to say that the LA County goons who are trying to keep us locked down probably aren't Trump supporters, right?.

In fact, they probably wouldn't have their gigs if they got caught wearing a MAGA hat, right?

We all hope their political leanings aren't factors in how they are managing this pandemic, right?

But we would not be surprised to learn that they would love to see Trump thrown out of office, right ?

Well, stud KFI NEWS reporter Steve Gregory was sent a secret recording of Dr. Barbara Ferrer saying that schools won't open until after the election.

WHY ? What does LA County re-opening schools have to do with the election?

Just as we all suspected....

Listen to Steve play this recording for John & Ken below. You decide....what are their true motives?

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