Single Mother of 4 Starts Lemonade Stand to Support Family During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we do a lot of things, but it has also put many of us in situations that we would have never expected to be in...

One woman who knows that all too well is Erin Bailey, a single mother of four living in Florida.

Thanks to COVID-19, Bailey had been unable to work for months. But she knew she had mouths to feed -- so she got creative to make ends meet for her family...

And started a family lemonade stand!

"Things just got really difficult," Bailey said. "We started selling the lemonade to make sure we have what we need each day."

For a few months now, Bailey and her four kids, who are between the ages of 6 and 10, have spent every single day selling glasses of lemonade to their neighbors.

"We are the best team in the world. That's for sure," she said.

However, it's still the only source of income for the family...

"Right now, we're just having a rough patch," she added.
"We just need to patch that patch," said her oldest child, to which Bailey laughed and agreed, "Yup. We just need to patch the patch."

Visit their GoFundMe page to donate to Bailey's lemonade stand.

Read the full story on ABC 11 News.

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