Watts Empowerment Center...Making A Difference!

“#1 Most Active Community Center in Los Angeles”

Executive director Justin Mayo of charity Red Eye which runs the Watts Empowerment Center.

They are the #1 most active community center in L.A. and haven’t received $1 from City or County funding. The past 20 weeks they have delivered thousands of pounds of food, clothing, mother necessities, baby diapers, protective gear, distanced learning etc.. Just Wednesday they gave away 1K backpacks full of school supplies. They run everything on volunteer power $20 donations @ WattsEmpowerment.org

Over the past 20 weeks...

  • 42,000+ Face Masks distributed to the community.
  • Hundreds of meals organized and home delivered to the Elderly and Disabled of Watts weekly.
  • Semi-Trucks full of food distributed to the community.
  • Endless amounts of hygienic products distributed.
  • Thousands of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to the homes of the community.
  • Various socialacademic and athletic resources provided over video, phone and social media.
  • Partnerships developed to connect locals that
  • Wednesday, they gave away 1K backpack filled with school supplies.


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