LAPD Raises Concern About The High Number Of Paintball Shootings

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles Police Department today raised concern about the number of paintball shootings that have occurred this year, mostly in South Los Angeles, leading to injuries.

The department reported 80 paintball shootings this year, including 75 in South Los Angeles. The shootings are felonies. Statistics from last year were not immediately available.

The shooters are often recording themselves and sharing the attacks on social media.

“Paintball guns can look like real assault rifles and have the capacity to shoot bullets at a speed of 300 feet per second,'' the department said in a statement released in connection with a news conference at the 77th Community Police Station.

“Paintball guns can cause serious soft tissue damage even if the person is wearing clothing over the area.''

The LAPD encouraged those who know people with paintball guns to make certain they are using them responsibly.

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