Chef Jenn Easy Holiday Gravy Tutorial!

Jennifer Felmley (aka Chef Jenn) teaches and cooks with an infectious enthusiasm. Her passion for the subject and desire to impart her knowledge, which she does with warmth and verve, cannot fail to inspire those fortunate enough to be her pupils or to dine at her table.

It all started for Felmley in her grandmother’s kitchen. Her grandmother attended Peter Kump’s Cooking School, and her cooking style included classic French. Everything she cooked was from scratch, and her home was the only non-kosher kitchen on that side of the family. This meant Maine Lobsters in the summer, and peeling shrimp all morning for their big holiday parties. Having helped her grandmother cook, she developed her palate, and was confident in her culinary vocation by the time she was a teen. Her culinary education began at a bakery department in a high-end grocery store in high school, under a French pastry chef.

Her appetite for food started as a little girl in her grandmother’s kitchen. By the time she was a teen, she knew she wanted to be a chef. Her journey began at Johnson & Wales University in Miami, where she explored the flavors and fusions of many different countries. She then went on to Johnson & Wales University’s Rhode Island campus, where they offered one of the country’s only Culinary Nutrition Degrees. There she obtained both a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts & Culinary Nutrition.

With a strong belief that your food comes from your soul, she wanted to discover the root of many dishes she learned to prepare and traveled to Europe where she spent a period working as a chef in a small town outside Milan, Italy. 

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