Little Gavin is making progress !!

Little Gavin Ludwick is making progress. So far you people have donated nearly 200k to his gofundme page!

Gavin's mother Wendy just spoke to Ken today and we were in shock when Gavin spoke to Ken during the interview !

Listen below!

The scumbag that nearly killed Gavin is still locked up. We will do everything we can to make sure this monster is NEVER released.

NBC Palm Springs did a recent update on Gavin's recovery:

A little over a month ago, seven-year-old Gavin Ludwick was in a coma, on a ventilator recovering from a brutal attack.
And now, he’s talking, walking and riding a tricycle at full speed.
He’s out of the hospital where he was recovering from a massive brain injury after being attacked by a neighbor as he walked home from a pool party in Desert Hot Springs.
Gavin gave us his own update from the rehab facility where he stays full time.
“I’m doing good,” he says as he goes into a big smile.
He has so much energy, everyone is having a hard time keeping up.
“That’s my Gavin, my Gavin is full of energy,” says his mom Wendy adding she’s amazed by his progress, “everyday there’s been a little miracle with him and his improvement, it’s just awesome.” She’s been documenting his progress through videos on social media.
Wendy says doctors are impressed too, “Originally they just kept telling me they didn’t know, they wouldn’t give me any promises or any prognosis because they weren’t sure but now he’s blowing them all away with how good he’s doing.” 

Listen to Gavin & his mom Wendy talk to Ken and make sure to donate to Gavin if you can.

pics courtesy of Wendy Ludwick

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