Covid Stigma Is Real

Have you had the Rona? If you have, have you been shamed or shunned after you recovered?

How about people you know who have had it and recovered? Have you shied away from them?

Of course you have because you don't want it either !!

NBC News did a great story with first-hand accounts from COVID patients who feel that even though they have been cleared by doctors, they still feel the stigma or being unwanted in society:

For some, the stigma feels not only personal, but also illogical.
Patti Kirk-Byrne, of Lake Carmel, New York, expected a warm greeting when she returned to her job as a hospital CT scan technologist after being out sick with the coronavirus for nearly six weeks. Instead, some of her longtime colleagues refused to be in the same room as her, despite the fact that she was wearing a mask. This confused her given their line of work.
“They’re X-raying patients all day long. They’re exposed to COVID patients on their shifts,” Kirk-Byrne, 52, said. “Why are you treating me like I’m a leper?”

Our new technical director Elvis got the Rona right after he got hired to run the John & Ken Show. He was on the shelf for more than a month.

Listen to Elvis talk to Ken about the COVID stigma he got even after being cleared by his doctor for months.

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