Save Mountasia Family Fun Center

This is a MUST listen. Ken just spoke to Mike Fleming, Managing Partner of Mountasia Family Fun Center in Santa Clarita.

Basically, LA County COVID restrictions has shut down Mike's business for good.

Mike has employees and vendors who feel the pain of Mike's business shutting down.

If you have been there, Mountasia Family Fun Center is a real good time and great for the community of Santa Clarita.

This is from the Save Mountasia gofundme page:

Hey FUN Enthusiasts! We need your help to save Mountasia Family Fun Center from permanently closing. more miniature golf, no more go kart rides, no lazer tag games, no winning prizes on Skee Ball, no practice time in the batting cages, no spraying your friends with water on the bumper boats! For Santa Clarita area residents and surrounding neighbors, this may happen to the place we call fun…Mountasia Family Fun Center!
Since opening in 1995, Mountasia Family Fun Center has provided hours of entertainment to families, schools, non-profits, churches, temples, day camps and businesses; fundraised for local schools and non-profits; was inspired by Michael Hoefflin to provide fun for kids (our Go Kart track is proudly named in his honor and memory); and has employed almost 10,000 area residents.
Like so many other small businesses, Mountasia was forced to close its doors on March 16th. With the increasing number of covid-19 cases in LA County, Mountasia is unlikely to be given the green light to reopen anytime soon. If forced to stay closed much longer, the fate of this community landmark is bleak. The closure of Mountasia will be a blight to the beautiful City of Santa Clarita and will force locals to venture far away for out-of-home entertainment and recreation. 

Listen to Ken talk to Mike Fleming and you can feel Mike's frustration and sadness with the threat of his lifetime business being closed forever

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