Former Congresswoman Katie Hill is Back

Katie Hill made huge headlines when she turned a red district in California blue. It was a major win. Not long after, though, her rising star came crashing down - in a fiery fury of scandal, shame, and heartbreak.

Hill talks to Dr. Wendy about the double standard, revenge porn, public shame and recovering from it. She says there were some very dark days when she thought about suicide. Social media, of course, attacked as it tends to do. And she had to live knowing that anyone and everyone from her own neighborhood or across the world could have seen naked pictures of her.

The pictures had been taken without her knowledge and published without her consent allegedly by her former husband because she told him she wanted out of the relationship. He told her he'd ruin her.

Hill has recently released her memoir and game plan called She Will Rise. In this book, she looks back on the progress woman have made and outlines her battle plan for the future.

In addition to She Will Rise, Hill has also started a Political Action Committee called Her Time, which focuses on supporting, mobilizing and inspiring women not just to vote, but also to run.

Book Cover

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