Triple-Digit Heat Expected in Two L.A. County Valleys


LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Two L.A. County Valleys again will swelter in triple-digit highs today, and the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for the region.

Woodland Hills is forecast to hit 102 degrees and Palmdale and Lancaster 101.

National Weather Service forecasters say that the weather L.A. County is experiencing this week is fairly typical August weather and not a heat wave, even tough temperatures are above normal.

The NWS this morning issued a heat advisory that will be in effect from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. in the San Fernando, Santa Clarita and San Gabriel valleys as well as the San Gabriel and Santa Monica mountains.

“There is an increased risk for heat related illnesses to sensitive populations like the very young, the very old, those without air conditioning, and outdoor workers,'' warned an NWS statement. “Hot temperatures may cause heat illnesses to occur.

“Drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun, and check up on relatives and neighbors,'' it said, adding that children, seniors and pets “should never be left unattended in vehicles under any circumstances'' because car interiors can rapidly become lethally hot.

The weather service forecast sunny skies in L.A. County today and highs of 79 degrees at LAX; 80 in Avalon; 86 on Mount Wilson; 88 in Downtown L.A.; 90 in Long Beach; 94 in San Gabriel; 96 in Burbank; 98 in Pasadena; 101 in Palmdale and Lancaster; and 102 in Woodland Hills. Lancaster is forecast to reach 100 Friday but Palmdale and Woodland Hills should settle at 99.

“There will be little change in the forecast for today compared to yesterday, except some locations should see a degree or two of warming as high pressure aloft will persist over the southwestern states today before pushing slightly east as a weak upper trough nudges farther east and will help to bring a modest cooling trend through early next week,'' said the NWS.

Orange County is also forecast to have sunny skies today and highs of 80 in Newport Beach; 81 in Laguna Beach and San Clemente; 83 on Santiago Peak; 90 on Ortega Highway at 2,500 feet; 92 at Fremont Canyon and Irvine; 94 in Fullerton; 95 in Yorba Linda, Anaheim, Mission Viejo and at Trabuco Canyon. A slight cooling trend will begin Friday.

Photo: Getty Images

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