Mysterious Radio Burst in Space Repeating a Pattern

This is fascinating! A radio burst from the same spot deep in space is on a cycle and according to astronomers 'right on schedule'.

Researchers at the University of Manchester have given the 'Fast Radio Burst' the name FRB 121102 and have confirmed that not only is FRB repeating the burst, but it is doing it on a 157 day cycle. They had predicted it would make the sound sometime in July or August and they were correct. Chinese astronomers predict the cycle will end between August 31 and September 9 - that is when the established pattern of the 67 day silent phase is expected to begin.

These short and intense pulses of radio waves were first detected in 2007, but experts still have no idea the origin, that will be the focus moving forward.

What they do know is FRB 121102 is in an unknown galaxy about 3 billion light years away.

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