CDC Drops Self-Quarantine Recommendation For Travelers

The Centers for Disease Control lifted its recommended 14-day quarantine for anyone who traveled out of state or out of the country on Friday... An advisory that had been in place since March.

The CDC now says you should follow your local and state recommendations after traveling.

“This updated guidance is based on risk of exposure during travel..." CDC spokesperson Scott Pauley told The Washington Post. "Asking travelers to think about what they did, where they were and who they came into contact with to evaluate their risk of exposure to COVID-19.”

However, the CDC still warns travelers: "You may have been exposed to COVID-19 on your travels. You may feel well and not have any symptoms, but you can be contagious without symptoms and spread the virus to others."

The warning continues saying, "You and your travel companions (including children) pose a risk to your family, friends, and community for 14 days after you were exposed to the virus.”

Mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing are still the recommended course of action especially after returning from a trip, according to the CDC.

Visit The Washington Post for more details.

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