Glendora Shuts Down Illegal 'Mansion House Party' over Covid-19 Concerns

GLENDORA (CNS) - The city of Glendora announced today they shut down an illegal mansion party over COVID-19 health concerns, fined the party organizer, impounded a vehicle, made an arrest and issued multiple vehicle code and parking citations. The so-called “Mansion House Party” occurred Saturday evening at 1120 E. Sierra Madre Ave., officials said.  

City officials and Glendora police were alerted to the event by concerned neighbors. The police department responded to multiple calls at the residence for loud parties, littering, parking and unsafe vehicle use.  

“We at the city apologize for the disruption of our residents' lives; however, administrative actions take time. Staff is continuing to take enforcement action, and if new problems are encountered, we will act swiftly,” said Mayor Michael Allawos. “This flagrant disregard for the sanctity of this neighborhood, willful disobedience of the city-permitting process and the Los Angeles County Health Department Order are unacceptable.”  

The event organizer going by the Instagram handle @iamkingbell promoted a “100 Summers Mansion Party,” which included musical guests intended to perform, presale tickets and off-site bus transportation. The residence is a large, exclusive home, listed on rental websites such as, VRBO and Airbnb as available for short-term rentals.  

On Saturday, city staff worked all day to contact the promoter and homeowner, explaining this type of activity was barred and violated the Los Angeles County Health Department Order for a nonessential gatherings. The party promoter disregarded city staff and held the event knowingly violating the administrative city-permit process and health department order. The party promoter was issued two administrative citations for the municipal code violation. One in the amount of $450, and a second for hosting a gathering in conflict with the current health department order for $1,000.  At just past midnight Sunday, as the third administrative citation was preparing to be issued, the party host decided to end the function.

Although it ended, it took more than 90 minutes for all guests to vacate the neighborhood. In addition to the administrative citations issued to the party host, five vehicle code violations were issued to partygoers in the area. A vehicle was impounded, an arrest was made for a misdemeanor bench warrant and 19 parking citations were issued. Additional police personnel were brought in once the promoter made it clear he had no intention to cancel the event.  

“The city of Glendora, city council and the police department do not condone this type of gathering and willful disrespect for the law, health department order and the disruption to the neighborhood,” said Interim Glendora Police Chief Matt Egan. “Although we were limited by certain legal requirements at the time of this event, the city of Glendora will be pursuing administrative fines, fees and potential litigation against both the party host and the homeowner.”

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