Are You Employed at a Toxic Workplace?

There's been a lot of talk recently about bad treatment of employees sparked by a tell-all complaint by staffers at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. An article in Buzzfeed last month says racism, intimidation and fear were all part of the gig.

Dr. Wendy and Susan Winston, a psychotherapist and former award-winning network TV producer, talk about what some people in Hollywood deal with "living the dream" and what anyone in an abusive work situation can do. Winston says many people in power act like sociopaths who don't know how crazy they are. What's unfortunate is that neither do other people so the behavior is left unchallenged, and even becomes acceptable.

Can you imagine being a new person at work and having someone stand on a chair during a meeting just to bash you to the room? It has happened.

Dr. Wendy and Winston talk about what a person experiencing an abusive boss or workplace can do. And, no. Not everyone has the luxury or priviledge to "just quit," just like a battered wife can't often "just leave." Whether a person stays in a job because of money, family responsibility, or because it is a "dream" job in Hollywood, it's complicated.

Regardless, nobody should have to worry about what the boss will say if a bathroom break is necessary.

Oh, and by the way, bosses, there's proof that happy workers are good for business.

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