Could Uber and Lyft be going away ??

It has finally come down to this. Uber and Lyft may be actually going away.

No one is saying these companies are perfect. Clearly their struggles are quite legendary.

Because of various reasons, these ride-sharing companies are being targeted by the California Legislature and various union goons.

These drivers don't really make a ton of money driving, but they absolutely need the money they are making.

Next time you are in a car, talk to your driver. Understand that these people are providing a service that you are willing to pay for and support. This is basic life and and demand at work.

But here is the issue. Why can't government get their asses out of our lives and let US decide whether we will support these ride-sharing businesses?

John & Ken talked to Kris Ankarlo from KFI News who has been watching this issue play out for months.

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