New Gateway Arch in Las Vegas

It was announced in May 2018 that construction crews began building the new gateway arch located at 1830 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, just north of the Stratosphere at St. Louis Avenue, The STRAT Hotel-Casino as the cool cats call it.

When the 80-foot arch is completed in September it will mark the city limits and the official start of the Las Vegas Strip with a sign that reads 'Welcome to the Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas Nevada'.

The price tag on this beauty - oh a cool $6.5 million dollars.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman first announced the sign, to be located at during her State of Vegas address.


So glad you asked. 'Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas'? It's still there! That sign is when you drive into Vegas but it's actually not in the city of Vegas, it's in unincorporated Clark county. There are two different signs, how lucky are we?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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