Death Valley Is Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Because 2020 hasn't been crazy enough - here's a new one for the record books... Literally!


Photo: Getty Images

The National Weather Service reported a temp of 130 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday in Death Valley, Calfornia. Death Valley already held the record for the highest temperature ever recorded on the planet: 134 degrees back in 1913, according to Guinness World Records. However, that reading has been disputed by scientists...

Since then, a 129-degree reading was recorded in Death Valley in 2013.

The new 130-degree mark comes amid a scorching heatwave up and down the west coast, from Washington to California.

There were also a few other daily heat records set on Saturday. The National Weather Service reported a record high of 112 in Woodland Hills, and a high of 92 at UCLA. Downtown Los Angeles even hit 98 degrees on Saturday, tying a record high set back in 1994.

Check out more information on the Los Angeles Times.

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