CA Blackouts Baffle Clean Energy Honks

Now Gavin Newsom is demanding answers as to why California's power grid went down over the last few days.

Sure its hot, but what about this effort for clean and renewable energy that was supposed to be a few bucks more to manage but was completely reliable ??

Turns out, its not. Surprised? Of course not. Here is what the Gov just put out:

The Governor yesterday signed an emergency proclamation that temporarily allows some energy users and utilities to use backup energy sources to relieve pressure on the grid during peak times during the energy emergency and today sent a letter to CAISO, the CPUC and CEC demanding an investigation into the service disruptions that occurred over the weekend and the energy agencies’ failure to predict and mitigate them. 

The San Jose Mercury News put out this beauty of a quote from some beard-scratching professor:

“We have a much more risky supply of energy now because the sun doesn’t always shine when we want and the wind doesn’t always blow when we want,” said Frank Wolak, a Stanford University economics professor who specializes in energy markets. “We need more tools to manage that risk. We need more insurance against the supply shortfalls.”

Read that quote again, then read it again ! So you have a Stanford professor saying we have a risky supply of renewable energy because sometimes the sun doesn't shine and sometimes the wind doesn't blow. Folks, its out fault for not paying attention when we vote and our fault for giving idiots like Gavin Newsom all the power they want. That's why in the middle of a pandemic we now have energy blackouts.

Congrats California !

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