USPS Warns Some Mail-In Ballots May Not Arrive In Time

A possible election fiasco is brewing... Because the USPS is concerned that some state's mail-in ballots won't be delivered in time...

In a letter to employees, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy admits recent cost cutting measures have caused delays in mail delivery. USPS staff hours had already been cut, and there are plans to remove hundreds of high-volume processing machines across the country to attain additional savings...

However, in the letter DeJoy also said the USPS had become "undisciplined in our mail and package processing schedules."

DeJoy also emphasized that the postal service isn't deliberately slowing mail delivery. However, due to state time frames for requesting and receiving mail-in ballots, the USPS has sounded an alarm - warning that certain state mail-in ballots won't be delivered in time.

In Pennsylvania, current state law allows voters to request a mail-in ballot up to seven days before the election, but requires all ballots to be received by Election Day on Nov. 3rd in order to be counted.

But, the Post Office says that time frame doesn't line up with their delivery schedule, which can take between 3-10 days. So the USPS is now asking Pennsylvania to extend the deadline by three days, so long as ballots are postmarked by Nov. 3rd.

The November election is expected to see the most mail-in voting ever, which could potentially take days or even weeks beyond Election Night to count...

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