The Trump Administration Is Now Seeking A Floating Border Wall

The US government is reaching out to a private industry to help determine the feasibility of a floating barrier system.

Described as the 'Buoy Barrier System,' the Trump administration wants a way to prevent illegal entry where traditional land-built barriers aren't possible, such as on the banks of the Rio Grande River or where landowners aren't receptive.

The Rio Grande comprises about two-thirds of the US-Mexico border and is already dangerous to cross in many locations. Just last year, US Border Patrol conducted 742 water rescues. However, that doesn't stop people from trying...

According to John Mennell, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman, the CBP is seeking to “impede and deny illicit activity in waterways, including but not limited to rivers, lakes, and ponds, where use of traditional land-based barriers are not practical.”

The Washington Post reports that such system must prevent swimmers from climbing on, over or going under the barrier. It also must minimize debris accumulation.

“The water barriers are expected to improve agent safety by providing an added level of impedance, denial and deterrence in waterways at the immediate border,” Mennell added.

Check out more details on The Washington Post.

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