Trump Trims Enhanced Unemployment After Criticism From States

Well, it turns out the $400 in additional unemployment benefits isn't happening, after states complained that they didn't have the money to hold up their 25% of the deal...

Business Insider reports President Donald Trump has shaved the enhanced unemployment benefit down to $300 per week. All because states from both political persuasions say the pandemic has left them cash-strapped.

"This is not something that any state will be able to do quickly," Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf's administration said in a statement.

Democrats have proposed more than $3 trillion in coronavirus relief bill spending, while Republicans have a $1 trillion plan. About 32 million Americans are still claiming unemployment benefits due to the pandemic...

But according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the GOP proposal doesn't spend enough on children and families to address issues like food insecurity and housing. Pelosi is also calling for more money to be spent on education.

Will the two parties ever agree on unemployment benefits, or another stimulus relief package?! Only time will tell, we guess...

Check out more details on The Business Insider.

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