Video Shows LASD Deputies Aiming Weapons at Black Teens Who Needed Help

Video showing deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department aiming their weapons at a group of three Black teenagers who needed their help, has gone viral online.

The incident began Friday afternoon in the Santa Clarita Valley when a group of teenagers were accosted by a homeless man who demanded they sell him crack cocaine. According to the Instagram post from Tammi Collins, the mother to one of the teenagers seen in the video, the man became aggressive after they turned him down.

"The guy became so aggressive that he took his shirt off pulled out a knife and whip them tried to stabbed them," Collins wrote. "His friends only had their skate boards to cover them from the knife and whip so they held it out to keep distance from this guy. Several bystanders including the restaurant manager of Buffalo Wild wings called the police to get help for the boys but “One” caller called the police and reported two black guys are attacking a homeless guy."

The video shows deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department arriving on scene and aiming their weapons at the three teenagers. Several bystanders try to inform the deputies the Black teenagers were actually victims, but cops ignored their pleas.

A spokesperson for the department told TMZ that the 911 call came in as an assault with a deadly weapon. The two teens were detained, but after deputies spoke with them and with other witnesses at the scene, they were both released and no arrests were made.

"This is something my son and his friends will never forget," Collins wrote. "I’m still wonder how will I ever help my son recover from this traumatic experience. Please pray for my family. Please Share to protect our kids!!!"

The homeless man was not found at the scene.

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