Navigating back-to-school with Justin Worsham

We're getting pretty close to the end of summer and before you know it your kids are going to be headed back to school. Unfortunately this is an incredibly chaotic time for educators, students, and their parents who have no clue how to handle in-person learning.

Coronavirus has truly thrown a wrench into everything. The CDC recently put out a tool to help families determine if they want to send their child back to school, but our good friend and parenting advice go-to Justin Worsham took a look at it and found it was not much help.

The tool consists of three sections: The first asking users questions about how schools have been preparing, the second section asking about virtual learning, and the third asking about special needs students or students who be may be high risk.

We discussed going back to school with Justin today, and we also discussed a study about hands off parenting. Taking a hands-off approach might be better for your kids' mental health and for your own mental health.

Check out our chat with Justin below, and let us know what your plans for school are this Fall. You can always find us on Twitter @GaryAndShannon!

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