Cuomo Begs Wealthy New Yorkers To Come Back To Save The City

Photo: Getty Images

It isn't clear whether or not New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo thinks people would have to be drunk to move back to New York City, but he's willing to buy them a drink if they do.

An exodus of more than 400,000 of NYC's wealthiest headed for the hills in May, amid COVID-19. They skipped town for places like upstate New York, the Hamptons or left the state altogether.

That has New York staring down a possible $30 billion tax shortfall over the next couple of years, and calls to hike taxes even more on the wealthiest who decided to stick around. Cuomo isn't on board; however, saying that'll only drive more money out of the state.

In a Monday presser, Cuomo says he regularly visits some of these individuals and tells them, "You gotta come back, when are you coming back? ... We'll go to dinner, I'll buy you a drink... Come over, I'll cook."

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