KFI Employee Of The Month - Jacob Gonzalez

Now, we might be a little biased, but we have an amazing crew here at KFI, but most of them you never hear from because they are working behind-the-scenes.

These behind-the-scenes workers are many times the hardest working people at the radio station and their dedication is greatly appreciated by all of us. So we are bringing back KFI's Employee of the Month to recognize these amazing people and to give you a little more insight into the people that bring you the programming you love each day, and the best part is that these winners are chosen by their peers. Each Employee of the Month will receive a few fun prizes and a certificate, official award, be featured in an on-air promo and their name will be enshrined on our perpetual plaque located in our building.

So we'd like to introduce you to KFI's Employee of the Month for August 2020, Jacob Gonzalez!

Here's what some of his co-workers had to say about Jacob:

"Smart, thoughtful and hardworking."
"Incredibly versatile, always willing to help, creative and has a great sense of humor. Handles pressure with ease."
"Super engaged and a joy to be around at all times!"
"This guy just gets it done. Anything asked of him he can handle. Also helps that he's a good dude!"

Jacob is currrently the Technical Director and Associate Producer for The Gary & Shannon Show and Executive Producer for Handel on The Law. (Yes, that means he works 6 days a week!) He has been with KFI since 2018 and initially worked in promotions, helping put together amazing events for not only KFI and KLAC, but all of iHeart's LA Radio stations.

While working in promotions, Jacob had an interest in learning how to run the board, so he started training and it turns out, he was a natural! Jacob transitioned over to the KFI programming side of things and worked just about every conceivable shift working with every host at some point in time, finally rising to his current full-time position.

When asked what he loved most about his job Jacob said:

"Definitely the people I work with, being in a job that requires you to multitask and covering all kinds of topics and being able to get creative when doing so."

His pet peeves?

"Things being unorganized and people not leaving work stations how they found them."

Jacob's favorite hobbies are working out and playing basketball, going to comedy clubs, concerts, finding new bars and restaurants to try and cooking. He loves Thai food, sushi, Greek food, pizza, coffee and a good gin and tonic!

Congratulations Jacob!

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