COVID Stress Leads To Shootout With Police

A dispute over wearing a mask nearly turned deadly Friday and Saturday in Pennsylvania. Police say an unmasked Adam Michael Zaborowski entered a Bethlehem Township Cigar story Friday morning - becoming irate when asked to either wear a mask or wait curbside for an order, and grabbing two cigars.

When a staff member followed, asking that he return the product, Zaborowski pulled a handgun, firing one shot in the air and two toward the staff member and another customer in the background before fleeing.

Police spotted Zaborowski the next day. When they tried to pull him over, they say he exited the vehicle and immediately began firing. The officers returned fire, striking Zaborowski. He was flown to a hospital for treatment. One officer sustained minor injuries. An attorney for Zaborowski says the 35-year-old isn't "handling the pandemic well," telling the Lehigh Valley News that he had recently lost his job and custody of his child.

Zaborowski faces several charges - including illegal possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

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