Joel Kotkin on California’s ‘Woke Revolution'

Joel Kotkin is the president fellow in urban features at Chapman University, as well as the executive director of the Center for Opportunity Urbanism. He writes about demographic, social, and economic trends in the U.S. and abroad.

His latest opinion piece published in the New York Post, titled 'California's 'woke' revolution is driving out blacks and hispanics,' dives into just that -- how California's progressive politics are completely changing the state, but not in a very 'progressive' way at all...

"Despite these progressive intentions, Hispanics and African Americans — 45 percent of the total population — fare worse in the state than almost anywhere nationwide..." Kotkin writes. "These residents may appreciate California’s celebration of diversity, but they find the state increasingly inhospitable to their needs and their families."

Kotkin also addressed the lack of jobs and opportunities for the middle-class here in California, calling on state leaders to prioritize local businesses and encourage more skill acquisition. However...

"Considering the nature of California politics, this can happen only if minority Californians demand something different," he writes. "That could happen if enough of these residents realize that the state’s ruling progressive class is interested in their votes — but apparently not in improving their lives."

Joel Kotkin will join the John and Ken Show Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. to talk more about what he calls California's 'woke revolution,' and just how much it's changing the state. Make sure you're listening to KFI AM 640!

Read Kotkin's full op-ed on the New York Post.

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