If You Could, Would You 'Subscribe' To A Restaurant?

Take a moment and think about everything you're subscribed to.

Maybe you've got Netflix or Hulu, maybe Spotify, Blue Apron, BarkBox... The the list could go on and on.

But would you subscribe to a restaurant?!

It's a question that Panera Bread hopes to bank on...

Just last winter, Panera launched an unlimited coffee subscription for $8.99 a month. Milk it for all its worth, and you could get free refills every two hours... But now the chain is also thinking about a kid-focused lunch subscription in case of the "likely school cancellations in the fall."

Panera's Eduardo Luz told AdWeek that the company is currently looking for its "own version" of Netflix; you just "turn it on, and it's there."

“Our hypothesis is that recurring revenue based on subscription makes a lot of sense,” Luz said. “I believe part of our future is going to involve recurring revenue or subscription-based revenue, which is new to the restaurant world.”

AdWeek says if any other restaurants are thinking about starting a subscription service, "now might be the time to try" as the pandemic has shaken up the "old-school" ways of the restaurant industry.

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Read the full report on AdWeek.

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