Customer Catches Uber Eats Delivery Driver Eating His Wings

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we do a lot of things...

One of many is the way that restaurants now handle and deliver food to their customers. But, if you're ordering food from a third-party delivery service, like Postmates or Uber Eats, your delivery driver is not associated with the restaurant at all.

So if they're hungry...

You guessed it.

Richard Jackson ordered chicken wings to be delivered to his home on Wednesday night in Austin, Texas. And according to Jackson, his Uber Eats driver just couldn't help but to enjoy some wings for himself before completing the delivery.

Thankfully, there are security cameras all around Jackson's home. That's how he found out.

“He was digging into the bag, you know, sort of chucking the boneless wings – repeatedly popping them in,” Jackson said watching the security cameras. “This is when I see the sauce smeared all over the bag. It’s missing several pieces of the chicken.”

So when the delivery driver got to his front door, Jackson refused to take the order and confronted him.

“He eventually admitted to eating my food,” Jackson added. “He said, ‘Oh, I was hungry.’”

He later got refunded for his order, and a representative with Uber Eats told CBS 2 that the company is now looking into exactly what happened.

“It’s concerning that he was so nonchalant,” Jackson said, “especially during a pandemic where we have a highly transmissible disease.”

Read the full story on CBS Chicago.

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