Glove Found In Food At Santa Monica Cheesecake Factory

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Lindsey Graham was at an event for work when she decided to get food for her husband. She ultimately decided on Cheesecake Factory and had instant regrets.

"I went to the lobby of the hotel, received the order. It was completely sealed and packaged. I got upstairs and we began to eat our food, and my husband was eating his fettuccine alfredo, and he took a bite and he thought it was hard chicken or some overcooked cheese and come to find out, it was a latex glove that had been melted into the food," said Graham.

Her husband is high-risk, so protecting him from COVID-19 is a priority.

"My husband is diabetic and high risk. Immediately it's like this pit in the bottom of your stomach and you just feel nauseous and sick. He ran to the bathroom. We've worked so hard during this pandemic to make sure that he's not around people, that we are being safe, social distancing, wiping stuff down going into hotel rooms, double cleaning and checking everything and here we have it simply enjoying what is a safe meal because it's sealed and protected and this happens," said Graham.

Naturally she was pissed but the manager didn't seem to care.

"He just kind of was like I'm so sorry, I'll have my manager call you tomorrow and when you're in a panic especially with the way things are right now and what we're seeing on TV, and the numbers in Los Angeles, you have no idea," she said.

Excuse us what? Please avoid this place at all costs

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