Why Are Coronavirus Cases Surging Across U.S. Borders?

Why are coronavirus cases surging across the U.S. borders?

Texas, California and Arizona have all recently reported COVID-19 spikes along the borders...


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And now, multiple Republican members of Congress are suggesting that illegal immigrants crossing the border could be to blame. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have also had recent experiences that suggest the same, citing immigrants attempting to cross the border with fake IDs and face masks to hide their faces.

However, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said that it's actually the legal U.S. citizens and residents in northern Mexico crossing the border, in an attempt to avoid the overrun hospitals in Mexico.

Either way, according to the International Rescue Committee, daily case and death tallies in Mexico have doubled over the past month.

There are even migrants paying thousands of dollars right now to be smuggled into the United States, according to data tracked by the Washington Times...

Read the full report on The Washington Times.

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