Florida Neighborhood Fights To Remove Truck Storing COVID-19 Corpses

Residents of a Florida neighborhood are apparently throwing a fit over a refrigerated truck that's been brought in to their neighborhood... to store the bodies of COVID-19 victims.

But let's be honest, we'd all probably throw a fit over that.

"They told us that they have COVID bodies that were coming in and they were storing them in there because they’re at full capacity inside," says Lillian Acosta, who lives directly behind Memorial Plan San Jose Funeral Home in Hialeah. "I’m not OK and we’re going to keep fighting -- because that needs to go away."

According to CBS 17, Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez has denied their requests to take action, claiming that the truck doesn't pose a health risk to the neighborhood.

“Right now, we’re seeing it, not only from coronavirus but people are dying from other things, and these are people’s parents, somebody’s children, somebody’s grandparents, so we have to respect those people and we have to work through this,” said Hernandez.

However, funeral home officials say they will be moving it to another part of the property within the next few days.

The Memorial Plan San Jose Funeral Home released this statement on Monday:

“Out of an abundance of understanding and compassion for our neighbors, we have worked with the Mayor and other officials to shift the location of our special care facility away from our neighbors to the other side of our property.” 

Well, maybe that one dog constantly barking in my neighborhood isn't so bad after all...

Read the full story on CBS 17.

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