DA's Office Warns about Phony Contact Tracers During COVID-19 Pandemic

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office today issued a public warning about phony contact tracers who pretend they are gathering information about COVID-19 cases and ask for money and sensitive information.

Criminals involved in the Contact Tracing Scam request Social Security numbers, financial information, money, immigration status and other sensitive information not required for authentic contact tracing, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Victims have been contacted through telephone calls, text messages and email.

Legitimate contact tracers can request the full names and dates of birth of people, but the public is warned not to provide any personal information or detailed health information to someone claiming to be a contact tracer.

The District Attorney's Office advised the public to contact their local health department to verify that calls or messages from contact tracers are valid and to be wary of any links or attachments in emails or text messages.

Additional information is available at the California Department of Public Health's Contact Tracer website at http://covid19.ca.gov/contact-tracing.

Photo: Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office

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