The 'Zoom Effect': Plastic Surgeons Are Seeing A Spike In Cosmetic Requests

Have you ever heard of the 'Zoom effect'?!

According to one Beverly Hills doctor, it's the idea that people are now noticing all of their flaws in Zoom meetings, and they're running to plastic surgeons to fix them...

Dr. Christine of Anaphora in Beverly Hills told FOX 11 that between the constant Zoom meetings and mask-wearing, it's really changing how people see themselves. Some have even been calling in and asking how to fix what they're calling the 'Zoom double chin'.

"I’m getting a lot more request for Kybella or mesotherapy or deoxycholic acid which is what we inject just below the chin so we can get a sharper, more defined jawline,” she said.

Dr. Christine also said fewer women are looking to plump their lips, because they'll just be covered up by a face mask... Instead, a majority of her clients are now asking to improve the area around the eyes.

“It’s like having a meeting with your mirror," she said about the Zoom meetings, which have recently become the new normal. "We’re not used to that. And, I think a lot of patients are coming in because they’re not comfortable with how maybe tired they’re looking or less fresh and it’s understandable."

Read more about the 'Zoom effect' on FOX 11.

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