An Update on 'Little Gavin,' the 7-Year-Old Boy Attacked in DHS

Gavin Ludwick is a 7-year-old boy who was brutally attacked in Desert Hot Springs last month while walking home from a neighbor's pool party.

He's currently in rehab trying to recover...

According to his mother, Wendy Ludwick, she went to go pick Gavin up that afternoon, but her neighbor said she was going to get the kids food and would drop him off at home instead...

"Well something happened and she didn’t give him a ride home in the golf cart and she just sent him to walk up the street," she said. "I didn’t know that or I would have gone down to pick him up."

Just hours later, a neighbor found Gavin unconscious and lying facedown on Vista Del Valle.

Desert Hot Springs Police, the Riverside County Sheriff and California Highway Patrol all conducted an investigation, and thanks to nearby surveillance video they were able to locate and arrest 32-year-old Daniel Poulsen.

The investigation also confirmed that the attack on Gavin was random and unprovoked.

Those close to the Ludwick family are still asking the community for support as Gavin recovers from the attack.

"His amazing, loving and kind momma, Wendy Ludwick, just lost her husband to cancer a few months ago. She is now raising her two children alone, on a school teacher’s salary," family friend Mandy Franklin wrote on a GoFundMe page she set up for them. "Y’all, she is the kindest and best of us. Definitely one of our better angels and Gavin did NOT deserve this. I know the world is haywire right now. I know the future is uncertain. But this is where we need to shine and lift up those of us in need." 

Franklin added that all money raised through the GoFundMe will go straight to Gavin's medical care, therapy, and any other needs the family may have.

"If you are unable to donate, please consider sharing this post," she wrote. "We’d all hope others would do the same for us if we were in this situation."

Click HERE to donate to the 'Love For Little Gavin' fundraiser.

Read the full report on KESQ News.

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