Federal Officers Step Up Their Game Against Protestors

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In response to the ongoing protests, unrest, and violence in Portland, Ore., federal authorities have assembled a force of 114 federal officers to protect the U.S government buildings.

This mission is known as "Operation Diligent Valor." In a recent court filing, details were released about the federal response.

The camouflage federal agents appear to be from the Department of Homeland Security-led operation, the "Rapid Deployment Force". They have recieved a lot of criticism from individuals on the streets of Portland. Based on information from the force's commander, they also connected to several lawsuits challenging their practices.

Gabriel Russell, the Federal Protective Service northwest regional director, said the Rapid Deployment Force stepped up their activities in Portland around the Fourth of July. This was due to what he saw when protestors attempted to set fire to the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse

“In response to the increasingly violent attacks, on the morning of July 4th, the DHS Rapid Deployment Force implemented tactics intended to positively identify and arrest serious offenders for crimes such as assault, while protecting the rights of individuals engaged in protected free speech activity,” Russell wrote in a court declaration.

Russell confirmed that federal agents will be by buildings at all times to guard them from more attacks. They will also be tracking down around trying to commit these crimes. Three DHS components will be involved: Federal Protective Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection, as well as the U.S. Marshals Service, a Justice Department component which has responsibility for protecting federal judges and courthouses.

According to the Politico, the Trump administration is also considering expanding the effort to other cities experiencing similar events in Portland.

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