Airlines Are Pushing For Testing To Restore US To Europe Travel

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With the European Union having a travel ban for Americans and the U.K. imposing a 14-day quarantine on travelers from the United States, travel to and from the U.S. to Europe is struggling during the pandemic.

The leaders of major airlines have written a letter to officials in the U.S. and European Union asking for a COVID-19 testing standard that would allow people to travel safely over the Atlantic.

“Given the unquestioned importance of trans-Atlantic air travel to the global economy as well as to the economic recovery of our businesses, we believe it is critical to find a way to re-open air services between the US and Europe,” the airline leaders said.

“In addition to all the significant and unprecedented actions that governments and airlines are taking to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, a co-ordinated Covid-19 testing program could be key to providing confidence to permit services to resume without quarantine requirements or other entry restrictions”.\

American, United, Lufthansa, British Airways and other carriers want to establish a testing program that will "permit services to resume without quarantine requirements or other entry restrictions."

It is not known whether the testing would take place at airports or if a negative test prior to travel would be the standard. 

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