#TastyTuesday - What is a Ghost Food Hall?

With the closure of dine-in restaurants again, many business are looking for ways to change how they operate in order to stay alive. In fact, many restaurants are having to totally change they way the operate literally overnight.

Dine-in may be dead for now, but take-out and delivery are thriving and one way businesses can adapt is to become a "ghost food hall" establishment. So, what is a ghost food hall?

A "ghost kitchen" is a kitchen that just does delivery, so you take that and put it in a food hall setting, which is becoming more and more popular. Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra joined us today to talk more about the future of dining and how restaurants are coping.

We also talked about tomorrow being National Hot Dog Day, and the fact that Jesus is supposed to return. That is, he's supposed to return if you believe the crazy cult writings of evil murderers Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow...

But let's not dwell on that sad stuff, let's talk about food!

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