Man Buys Out Vendor's Cart After Seeing Videos of Other Vendors Robbed

After being disturbed by several videos of street vendors being attacked and robbed, one Riverside County man decided he wanted to help one out.

Obadiah Baldwin said:

"This thing is getting out of hand. These young idiots think it's cool to run around thinking it's cool to rob the ice cream man and the corn man...and you don't represent me."

One day after seeing a vendor on his street, Baldwin decided to go over and stop him.

The vendor, Miguel Lopez, was selling food and with Baldwin's son in tow the two bought out all of Lopez's stock for a total of $120.

When later interviewed by NBC4 about his good deed, Baldwin says the vendors have a tough life and work very hard and should be appreciated.

Lopez also spoke to NBCLS by phone in Spanish and said Baldwin didn't actually take the food he purchased, so that way he could sell it and make double the money that day.

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