Dog missing for days ends up at family's old house

A family in Olathe, Kansas was surprised but happy to hear that their missing dog was found safe at their old home, which was far away in Lawson, Missouri. 4-year-old Labrador Cleo wound up on her old porch and was found by the current home's owner.

Homeowner Colton Michael told CNN:

"My wife and I had just gotten home from work. Cleo was laying on the front porch at the front door, just laying there, waiting for somebody it seemed like."

At first Colton had no clue who Cleo was since she wasn't wearing a collar, but he knew she couldn't be a stray because of how well-groomed she was. Colton took the dog to get her scanned for a microchip and discovered she belonged to the previous owners of their house.

About a week before Cleo ended up on Colton's porch, her owners posted on Facebook that she was missing. Nobody knows how she made the trip, but she walked 57 miles!

Guess she just missed her old home! Thankfully there's a happy ending to this story. Dogs rule!

Read more at KMBC News 9.

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