Old Man Asks For Help After Falling, FedEx Driver Says 'Can't Do That Boss'

A FedEx delivery driver was caught on camera this past weekend refusing to help an elderly man after he had fallen on his front porch...

It happened in Freeport, Texas, and was all captured on video thanks to a Ring doorbell camera. In the video, you can hear the 89-year-old man say "Hello, help please. Give me a hand. I need to get up..."

However the delivery driver just responded, "I can't do that, boss."

Thankfully, the mans daughter arrived about 10 minutes later and helped him up.

"(He) didn't at least ring the doorbell or call 911!" his daughter, Maria Kouches, wrote in a Facebook post. "Thank God he's OK, but what if he hadn't been?"

According to Kouches, her father had fallen about 15 minutes before the delivery driver arrived.

FedEx later issued this statement in response:

"We extend our thoughts and concerns for the well-being of the person depicted in this video. The safety of our team members and customers in the communities that we serve is our highest priority. We are reviewing the circumstances behind this incident and will take the appropriate action."

Read more on ABC 7.

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