Newsom Lays Out Pandemic Plan for Learning and Safe Schools

Well, we've had a lot of bad news this week, looks like its getting worse.

Schools are not opening up this fall. Newsom just gave out the guidelines.

If you have a kid and look forward to getting rid of them when they go back to school, they're not.

Here are the Gov's school guidelines

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced his plan for learning and safe schools ahead of the 2020–2021 school year, as the California Department of Public Health issued a framework for when and how schools should reopen for in-person instruction.
“Learning is non-negotiable,” said Governor Newsom. “The virus will be with us for a year or more, and school districts must provide meaningful instruction in the midst of this pandemic. In California, health data will determine when a school can be physically open – and when it must close – but learning should never stop. Students, staff, and parents all prefer in-classroom instruction, but only if it can be done safely.”

Listen to John & Ken explain why these guidelines and distance learning will not work.


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